makeup artists growth hacking guide

Growth Hacking Guide for Makeup Artists

Did you ever imagine a wedding or a birthday ceremony without the basic touch of make-up? Certainly not. The field of make-up artistry is a wide-ranging, starting from freelancing to setting up of a make-up studio and individual make-up salon, a trained and certified make-up artist can earn a handsome salary and extra perks in India. Generally, depending on the climatic condition, skin texture, colour and the overall look of a person, the right blend of make-up needs to be applied.

Top 5 Tips About How A Make-Up Artist Can Grow In This Field:

Work, dedication, and research: Following the recent trends in make-up, going through the colour catalogues of international make-up circuits and arranging for one’s own signature collection are definitely some of the clauses that can make one shine in the field of make-up artistry.

Communication and the right client approach: A professional and expert make-up artist remains open to criticisms, and can handle clients and their requirements in the best possible manner. Now people opt for customized make-up packages, with selected eye, face, nail and body make-up. The salon stylists and the make-up artists allow their free flow of imagination and research work accordingly to cater to the best client demands.

Variety is the spice of life: To ensure steady growth in the field of make-up artistry, one artist needs to have the right kind of variations in his or her mind. Make-up schools and courses can only build the platform, but rest of the innovation needs to be done by the artist only. The colour palettes, using creamy or lacquered make-up, knowledge about shades and shade variations according to the Indian skin type, and using proper highlighters during special occasion can actually allow a trained and expert make-up artist to grow further in this field.

Going online and learning: Now make-up artists also have their own online and website presence, and with successful teamwork, they can reach out to a large section of potential customers. Online reviews, client testimonials, client queries, and feed backs are also the right platforms where the artists can reach out more quickly to more clients.
The field of make-up artistry has ample ways of exposure, and with the right blend of talent, creativity, and dedication one can definitely grow in this field.

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